NWSS Trip Days 2, 3, & 4

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January 10, 2012 by olivere7

Day 2 – Saturday, January 7 –

We left Iowa early in the morning and drove through Missouri on our way to Kansas.  We worked out at an operation in Topeka, KS, that custom feeds bulls.  A few classes later we climbed back in the vans and drove to Manhattan, where we checked into our hotel and went to dinner with the Hines and Olsen families.

Day 3, Sunday, January 8 –

The day started bright and early with the practice contest at K State beginning at 8 am.  About 120 kids representing 4 year and junior colleges competed.  It was our team’s first 12-and-8 contest, which means we judged 12 contests of sheep, cattle, hogs and boer goats, then gave 8 sets of reasons in a real contest atmosphere.  The day went fairly well, with 3 of us finishing within 10 points of a 900 score (out of 1000 possible), which is a decent benchmark of where we need to be at this point in the year.  After the contest we paired up with Butler Community College and drove to Limon Colorado, arriving at our hotel around midnight Colorado time (2 am in Michigan).

Day 4, Monday, January 9 –

Today we left the hotel and travelled to Longmont, CO, to attend a workout at the Vickland family’s home.  They took hospitality to a whole new level, as they hosted over 12 colleges to work out on their cattle and hogs.  Between the stellar mountain view from their front yard, their 25,000 square foot home, the donuts, coffee, and lunch that they provided us with, and some great contests of their highly competitive animals, it was a lot to take in.  After lunch, we headed to a fairgrounds just outside of Denver where the overflow of cattle are kept before they can head to NWSS to see one more class, then wrapped up the night with 5 sets of reasons at our hotel.  Excitingly enough, we’re staying at this place two consecutive nights!


“No, it’s completely natural… that’s migration.”  – Sarah, in reference to geese flying overhead

“They’re so FREE!  That’s why I want a sparrow tattooed on my stomach!” – Katie

“I wear sunglasses all the time.  I’m afraid of getting crow’s feet.”  – Hannah

“Are you contestant 1006? Yes, its ME Mario!” – Sarah

“I’m gonna move out out here and trap me some muskrats.” – Sarah

(During oral reasons at K-State practice contest) –
Official:  “Are you contestant 1007?”
Me:  “Yes, sir.”
Judge:  “Hehe.  Double-oh-seven.  Are you licensed to kill?”
Me:  “ummm….”
Judge: “Oh. Sorry.  You may begin whenever you’re ready”.

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